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The Aviation Ancestry British aviation industry advertisements database now contains over 92,000 images with examples from some 2100 companies. The database and website is updated at regular intervals.

This new section contains an alphabetical listing of all the companies in the database and the approximate number of items attributable to them, plus as link to view them and generate the appropriate advertising timeline.

The A-Z evolved as a third way to locate adverts where a keyword search might not be easy to devise and/or the company doesn`t feature in the classified section for some reason. Regular users will know that the keyword search can sometime be a bit fussy and even defy logic at time! .. and if you still cant find what you're looking for send me an email and I'll do my best to help.

Creating this A-Z section is quite a big job and is updated at annual rather than monthly intervals, but as the number of new companies added diminishes over time it should remain reasonably comprehensive.

As companies grew, merged or changed their names the listings may (or may not!) appear under different names which in some cases may warrant a look at other possibilites in these listings. To add to the confusion I may have made mistakes in listings (hard to believe I know!) - and finally for now all links lead to the database which by 'Google' standards is fairly basic. Or to put it another way, what you search for is what you get - but a patient user will spot patterns which enable refined searches to be performed. As mentioned elsewhere 'less is more' so a search for Rolls-Royce Merlin 1943 will fail, but a search on Royce for years 1943-1943 will succeed.

Whilst I trust this section will prove useful, my main focus now is developing and improving the Classified Directory section of the website. Updated 9th March 2023.
N.B. Number of records per listing correct at the time of writing. (Duplicate adverts for any year not listed, and company / group names may feature in separate entries.)
The A-Z of British aviation industry company adverts between 1909-1990
This classic 1951 David Brown industrial tractor advert features feature a Taskmaster tug towing a Meteor NF11 aircraft.