Catalogue No 1:
de Havilland DH.60 Moth 1925-1933. 242 Pages
Catalogue No 4:
The Bristol Blenheim.
230 Pages
Catalogue No 5:
A.V.Roe Volume One 1910-1930
386 Pages
Catalogue No 6:
A.V.Roe Volume Two 1930-1950. 388 Pages
Catalogue No 7:
A.V.Roe & Co Volume Three 1950-1963. 282 Pages
Catalogue No 8:
The Bristol Beaufort & Bristol Beaufighter. 178 Pages
Catalogue No 9:
The Bristol Type 170 Freighter / Wayfarer. 252 Pages
Catalogue No 10:
The Vickers Viscount & Vickers Vanguard. 352 Pages
Catalogue No 11:
60 Years Of Westland Aviation Advertisements. 704 Pages
Catalogue No 12:
From Taylorcraft To Bulldog - Auster Aircraft Advertisements 1936 - 1978 272 Pages
Catalogue No 2:
de Havilland Moths (Excluding DH60) 142 Pages
Catalogue No 3:
de Havilland Transport & Utility Aircraft 1920-1945. 270 Pages
For over ten years now I've been cataloguing historic British aviation industry advertisements (1909-1980) with the aim of publishing a series of catalogues featuring as complete a record as possible of press adverts for a particular company or product line.
All adverts are reproduced from original material in my archive.

Themed 'catalogues' of these advertisements are reproduced in perfect bound book form in black and white * without narrative in chronological order at one per page and include source, date of original publication and for convenience its unique database reference number. (
* Colour versions of individual adverts where available are normally available 'free' on request.

Each catalogue features an appendix with a number of selected contemporary industry adverts relevant to the main subject. (e.g. engines or component parts.)

By using print-on-demand technology I am able to keep the cost of bookstore quality publications to a minimum. Booksellers, Museums and Institutions should contact me for attractive bulk purchase rates.

I'm confident these catalogues will provide you with an interesting new way of exploring the history of your chosen company, aircraft type or product line.

Now that the first catalogues have been produced I'm anxious to complete much needed improvements and updates to the website and incorporate the 'blog' from the old .com website to this domain but maintain momemtum on the new catalogues. (For aircraft constructors and engine manufacturers Handley Page, Bristol Aero Engines and Rolls-Royce are currently work in progress and next in line for production, then it's Smiths Instruments, Castrol, Shell to kick off the more general industry themes)

Please bookmark this page as new titles covering the majority of the major companies and types are under preparation and will appear in due course.

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