Avery-Hardoll Ltd
Aircraft Materials Ltd (>1952 - All)
Blackburn Aircraft (Electricar)
British Power Boat Co Ltd. The, (Scroll For Tenders)
Brodie-Kent Meters (Stemco Ltd)
Firth Cleveland Instruments Ltd      (Samples)
Flight Refuelling Ltd
Gloster SARO Ltd
John Thompson (Transporter Division) Ltd
Maricon Ltd
Pegson Ltd
Rellumit (including Filters)
Saunders-Roe (Anglesey) Ltd (SARO Anglesey)
Shell-Mex & B.P.Ltd (Don Fueller)
Simmonds Aerocessories (Samples)
Steel Barrel Co Ltd. The
Stream-Line Fliters Ltd (Samples)
Tecalemit Ltd (Samples)
Thompson Brothers
Universal Power Drives Ltd
Vosper Ltd. (Marine Refuelling Tenders)
Wayne Tank & Pump Co Ltd
Zwicky Ltd
Aircraft Refuelling Equipment & Accessories Ground / Air units.
This Zwicky three wheeled refuelling unit was produced circa 1937 and apart from it's well proven fuel delivery system it owes it's distinct chassis design to the requirement for great manoeuvrability and ability to operate on unpaved surfaces.

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In the early days of British aviation it was a simple matter to refuel aircraft with Motor Spirit from readily available cans supplied by the petrol manufacturers and their distributors. The outbreak of war in 1914 witnessed a rapid growth of airframes and increasingly 'thirsty' engines which combined with the urgency to refuel faster witnessed the evolution of mobile fuel tankers and petrol pumps as we know them. Alongside the development of the mobile refuellers there was an increased need to ensure the quality of the fuel and accurate metering in delivery.

With the advent of jet aircraft and busy air terminals we can see the beginnings of the underground fuel storage and hydrant delivery systems. Follow the links below to generate the timelines that interest you, but you'll need to navigate to the Fuel section of the directory to find the fuel (and oil) production and dsitribution companies.