Acton Bolt Ltd
Aeroplane General Sundries (Ltd)
A.G.S. (Mfg.Co)
Aircraft General Supplies Ltd
Aircraft Materials Ltd
Aircraft Supplies Company (The) ASCOL
Air Parts Ltd
Armstrong Patents
Arnott & Harrison
Aviation Developments Ltd (Avdel)
Barber & Colman Ltd
Barnes Mechanical Works
Baxters (Bolts, Screws & Rivets) Ltd
Bayliss Jones
Benton & Stone Ltd
Best & Lloyd Ltd
Bifurcated & Tubular Rivet Co (The)
Blackburn & Co. Robert
Bonella & Son Ltd (D.H.)
Briscoe (W.H.)
British Aircraft Manufacturing Co
British Dardelet Threadlock Ltd
British Gold Shell Ring Co (The)
Brompton Engineering Co
Brooks & Co Ltd .J.B.
Brooks (Autos) Ltd (T.J.)
Brown Brothers
Buck & Hickman Ltd
Butlers Ltd
Carleton MFG Co Ltd (The)
Cashmore (Bros)
Chatwin (Thomas & Co)
Chester Engineering Co (1910) Ltd
Cinque Ports Aviation
Clabour Westbay (W.A. & Co)
Clevedon Rivets & Tools Ltd
Courtney Pope Aircraft Ltd
Coventry Aviation Company
Cox Rivets (General Aircraft)
Cradok & Co Ltd. George.
Cross MFG (1938) Ltd
Curd Components Ltd
Davis & Timmins Ltd
Diamond Screw & Cotter
Edmonds Bros Ltd
Everett & Co Ltd (S & R.J.)
Fox & Sons (C.J.)
Fredk Mountford (Birm) Ltd (FREMO)
Gamage Ltd (A.W.) Gamages
General Aeronautical Co Ltd (GAC)
Guthrie & Son (J.B.)
Guy's Calculating Machines Ltd
Hamburger & Sons Ltd (A)
Handley Page  (To 1912)
Hawkins & Son (Thomas)
Hays, Hunter & Standen
Henry Lindsay Ltd
Herrtage Holyoake & Co
Hickman Ltd
High Pressure Components Ltd
Holroyd & Co Ltd (John)
Jennings Ltd (F.A.)
Kirby Banks Screw Co
Lentern (Aircraft) Ltd
Lindley (C.& Co)
Linread Ltd
Lisson Aircraft & Precision Eng Co
L.Robinson (Jubilee Clip)
Marsh Brothers & Co Ltd
MCL And Repetition Ltd
Meerloo Engineering  (John Meerloo)
M.H.H. Engineering Co Ltd
Miller Aviation Ltd
Mitchell Wedgwood & Co
Moss (William)
Newall & Co Ltd (A.P.)
New Brighton Tower Engineering Co
Newton (L.H.& Co)
Northern Machine Screws Ltd
Nuts & Bolts (Darlaston) Ltd
Oddie Lock Nuts Ltd
Ormond Engineering Co Ltd
Philidas Ltd
Powis & Sons (David)
Premier Screw & Repetition
Pulvo Engineering Co (The)
Richards & Sons (Charles)
Rigby & Sons Co Ltd. John
R.M.R. Engineering
Robson Ltd. S.T.
Rollet & Co Ltd. H.
Ross Courtney & Co Ltd
Rotax Motor Accessories Co (The)
Rotherham & Sons Ltd
Rowland Hodges Ltd
Rubery Owen
S.& D.Rivet Co
Sidney Russell
Simmonds Aerocessories
Smith & Co.Frederick
Smith & Dowse
Spencer & Co.Walter
Spensers Ltd
Spring Washers Ltd
Stone & Co (Charlton) Ltd (J)
Stratton & Co Ltd
Suckling (W.& Sons)
Swanser & Son
Terry's (Herbert Terry)
Textron Inc
Timmins & Co Ltd
Tucker Eyelet Co Ltd (Geo)
Unbrako Socket Screw Co Ltd
Vislok Ltd
Weathershields Ltd
Whitely Products Ltd
Whitehouse Industries
Whiteman & Moss
Winfield Smith (S.C)
Woodside Engineering Co Ltd
Woodwards Spring & Washer Co
Rubery Owen was a British engineering company 1884 in Darlaston, and a major supplier of aircraft fasteners and a variety of AGS parts.

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Adverts from companies manufacturing aircraft accessories, AGS parts, repetition parts,small parts & Sundries.

Nuts, bolts, rivets, screws and a thousand and one other small but important items required for the construction of an aircraft.Many of these seemingly simple items are in fact precision engineered pieces requiring the highest standards of quality control from the companies listed below. Many of these companies are, or once were household names, and some are still manufacturing similar types of products today albeit under different brand names. If you are interested in researching the time lines of many of the smaller engineering companies that contributed to WW1 & WW2 production requirements for the duration this list is for you.In case you're wondering AGS is short for Aircraft General Sundries or  Aircraft General Stores.

MCL & Repetition were an engineering company based in Langley (Birmingham) specialising in small aircraft parts such as fasteners and couplings. I've included one of their famous cartoon adverts not merely for your enjoyment but to illustrate the vast range range of AGS parts required in the manufacture of aircraft.