About Aviation Ancestry

The Database
For some years now I’ve been cataloguing historic British aviation industry advertisements (1909-1990) with the aim of providing what I hope is a unique and comprehensive listing of British Aviation Industry Advertisements. With the best will in the world digital media and websites tend to disappear over time so I’m also publishing a series of printed catalogues featuring as complete a record of press adverts as possible for a particular company or product line. (These also present a more convenient and enjoyable way to view the advertising timeline)

At the time of posting the database contains over 90,000 images and features over 2400 companies. Whilst the aircraft constructors adverts are uploaded as they appear, I know there are many more components and suppliers adverts still to process.

The Directory
The database is searchable, but the search function is very picky about keywords which can lead to some frustration when looking for a particular example. The Classified Directory is an attempt to point the user in the right direction through a series of themed lists. This is always going to be work in progress as new files and listings appear.

The Compilations

Adverts are reproduced without narrative in chronological order at one per page and include source, date of original publication and its unique database reference number. (aviationancestry.co.uk)

I’m confident these compilations will provide you with an interesting new way of exploring the history of your chosen company, aircraft type or product line.

Please bookmark this page as new titles covering the majority of the major companies and types are under preparation and will appear in due course.