Structures & Installations (Airfield & Factory)
Anderson (D.)
Bain (William & Co)
Banister Walton & Co Ltd

Bessonneau (Type)
Bolton Gate
Booth & Sons.John
Boulton & Paul Ltd
Braby (Frederick & Co)
British Steelwork Assn
Building Construction Co Ltd
Cellactite & British Uralite
Chamberlain Industries
Constructors Ltd
Coseley Engineering
Courtney & Faitbairn
Dawnay & Sons Ltd. Archibald D.
Ellis  (G.& Co)
Fairby Construction
Harbrow (W.)
Harris & Son.E
Horseley Bridge (Lamella)
Jackaman (A.)
Johnson & Phillips
Kenyon Ironworks
London & Midland Steel Scaffolding Co
London & Wales Steel Construction Ltd
Lysaght  (John)
Macks Structures
Nissen Buildings
Palmer & Co. T.W.
Parsons (J.)
Penfold Fencing

Piggott Brothers
Ripon Steel
Robbins Ltd. Wilfred
Ruberoid Roofing
Rubery Owen (Structural)
Silver Mist Garages
Stitson, White & Co
Trussed Concrete Steel Co Ltd. The
Wilfley Co Ltd. The

Wire-Wove (Roofing Co)
Wright Anderson
American Lead Pencil Co. (Venus Pencils)
Brown. N.C.
Cookes (Finsbury)
Crittal Steel Furniture Co Ltd. The
Dacres Rabjohns
Dexion Ltd
Eagle Pencil Company
Faber. A.W. Castell. (Pencils, Slide Rules)
Fisher & Ludlow Ltd
Gascoigne Co Ltd. The Geo (Ke-Clamp)
Gent & Co. Ltd.
Gibbons. James
Herbert Ltd. Alfred. (1917 Only)
Johnson, Taylor & Co Ltd
Lindsay Ltd. Henry
Magenta Time Company Ltd. The
Mavitta Drafting Machines
Miniaturised Office Machines
Norwood Steel Equipment Ltd
Remington Rand Ltd
Richmond Gas & Stove Ltd.The (Canteen)
Rubery Owen & Co (Sample)
Sankey. Joesph & Sons Ltd. (All)
Simplex Copunduits Ltd
Stonehouse Steel Equipments
Hudson & Kearns Ltd
Inter-Continental Office Eqpt
West & Partners (A.)
Office Equipment , Personnel & Factory Administration
Electronic Computers - Early Examples
Search 'Computer' For More.
Elliott Brothers Ltd (1954-1960 Samples)
English Electric (Deuce)
Ferranti Ltd. (!955 - 1960 Samples)

General Electric (Example)
Marconi Ltd. (Scroll For Examples)
North American (Autonetics)
Short Brothers (1957 - Scroll For Computers)
Solartron Electronic Group. The
Ultra Electric Ltd. (1957- All)

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