Aer Lingus
Aeromaritime UAT
AerovĂ­as Quisqueyana
Air Charter
Air France
Aigle Azur
Air New Zealand
Air Union
American Airlines
Aerolineas Argentinas
Aviation Traders
British Airways
British Continental Airways
British European Airways
BKS Air Transport+ Eng
Bristow Helicopters
British Airways
British Cargo Airlines
British United Airways
Cambrian Airways
Channel Airways
Cunard Eagle Airways
Cyprus Airways
Handley Page Air Service
Heavy Lift Cargo Airlines
Hillmans Airways
IAS Cargo Airlines
Imperial Airways
Inner Circle Air Lines
International Air Lines
Jersey Airways
Laker Airways
Kenya Airways
KLM Royal Dutch Air Lines
Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines
Mandarin Way Airline
Middle East Airlines
MISR Airlines Airwork
Monarch Airlines/ Cosmos
Mount Cook Airlines
North Eastern Airways
Olympic Airways
Overseas Aviation
Pakistan International Airlines
Panair Brazil
Pan Am
Railway Air Services
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Silver City Airways
Tradewinds Charters
TAA Trans-Australia Airlines
TCA Trans-Canada Airlines
TIA Trans International Airlines
Tradewinds Charters
Transmeridian Air Cargo
Trans World Airlines- TWA
United Arab Airlines
U.A.T. Aeromaritime
UTA Airlines
Wideroes Flyveselskap
Classic BOAC advert from 1947 featuing a cartoon emphasising the experience of thier pilots.

Czechoslovak Airlines
Daimler Air Way
Derby Aviation
Eagle Aviation
East African Airways
Eastern Airlines
Argentine Airlines FAMA
Fison Airwork
Ghana Airways
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Use the links below to select the airline you'd like to create the timeline for. Bear in mind that the airline business can be preacrious at times with economic pressures, fuel prices and even wars causing the demise of many not fortunate enough to be state aided. Furthermore as an airline starts to become successful they become ripe for mergers or takeovers, and even in some cases 'dirty tricks.' So, whilst the list below appears comprehensive it's only a reflection of the adverts that appeared in the aviation press, so if you're expecting to see the glossy pictures which appeared in travel; agent's windows for example you'll be disappointed. Nonetheless it's an interesting section for students of the evolution of pioneer airlines.
Directory of historic airline and air transport adverts