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1955 RAF Recruitment Advert Featuring A Student Pilot About To Make His First Solo Flight In A  Chipmunk Aircraft

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These classic recruitment advert listings have proved to be one of the most referred to sections of the database, particularly Royal Air Force & Royal Navy aircrew  recruitment adverts. CIvil air transport recruitment ads particulary from the BEA/BOAC Hamble cadet era remain popular requests.

In many ways this section is probably one of the most underdeveloped areas of the website. Whilst the military air and groundcrew recruiment ads are possibly as comprehensive a set as you'll find anywhere, the civil aviation sector is more difficult to catalogue - not because there's any lack of suitable adverts in the collection, but rather the opposite! There are too many to list in any coherent manner.

Most of the major firms operated engineering apprenticeship or graduate sponsorship schemes. Aircrew positions for civilian airlines were often filled through personal recommendation or CVs from military aircrew nearing the end of their service commitments. At times of 'aircrew drought' or for less attractive postings civilian 'self improvers' would be welcomed into the fold. The fact is that all companies were constantly on the lookout for suitably qualified personnel in all categories..

There used to be a saying in aviation that anyone who read their copy of  'Flight or The Aeroplane' from the front felt secure in their job given that all the job adverts were at the back!

Over the nearly 120 years spread of this database it's natural that the nature of the work and the skills of the job-hunters have changed out of all recognition. The problem for me is that every single one of the 3000+ publications includes recruitement adverts. As new technology or greater automation was embraced the number of people required to fill aircrew positions to the extent that by the 1960s the demand for flight engineers, navigators and radio operators had all but disappeared.

As things stand the recruitment adverts listings are almost exclusively military, but you'll find a number of representative adverts in the company listings - if you can`t find what you're looking for please get in touch as we may be able to help.
Civil & Military Aviation Recruitment Adverts From 1909-1990