Alvis (Salamander)
Always Welding Ltd (Tenders)
Antifyre Ltd
Bell's Asbestos
Bristol Uniforms
British Parachute
British Russell Parachute Co
Burroughs Wellcome
Calthrop E.R. (Guardian Angel Parachutes)
Carmichael & Sons (Worcester) Ltd
Coventry Climax Engines Ltd. (Fire Tenders)
Eliot Equipment
Fire Armour Ltd
Frankenstein Beaufort
General Fire Appliance Co Ltd. (The)
Hawkins.L.G. (A.R.P Equipment)
Irvin Parachute
Kerr.John & Co (A.R.P. Factory Escape 1941)
Lea Bridge Rubber Works
Martin Baker
National Fire Protection Company
Pioneer Parachute Company
Read.H.H. (Norfolk Life Jacket)
RFD ( Also GQ Later)
Salvator Parachutes
Smiths Aircraft Instruments. (Sample)
Spencer & Sons C.G.
Thornycroft (Fire Tenders)
Vacuum Cleaner Company. The
Valor Company.The
Walter Kidde
GQ's innovative combined flying suit, parachute and lifejacket.
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These listings feature the companies involved in the vital area of aviation safety products from fire extinguishers to ejection seats! There's 80 years worth of progress to be studied here. Click on the link to generate the adverts timeline for your chosen company.
Manufacturers of aircraft survival and safety equipment 1909-1990