Compilations are back!

As mentioned in an earlier post I’ve been busy rebuilding and revising the printed compilations series for publication through Amazon.

At the time of writing the first 12 are now available online. There is still a long way to go to complete all volumes, but I’m planning on releasing new compilations on a fortnightly basis. (All the content is readily available which previously took the time, so now it’s really a question of reformatting and revising each book in turn)

The latest revised book is the Westland compilation, currently awaiting approval prior to becoming available. The Gloster book is now in the works.

Here’s the list at the time of writing.

1. Auster From Taylorcraft To Bulldog: Auster Aircraft Advertisements 1936 -1978

2. Saunders-Roe S.E.Saunders & Saunders-Roe Aircraft Advertisements 1916-1960

3. Miles Miles Aircraft Advertisements 1936 – 1978

4. Airspeed Airspeed Aircraft Advertisements 1932 – 1951

5. Hawker Sopwith & Hawker Aircraft Advertisements 1912 – 1963

6. Percival Percival & Hunting Group Aviation Advertisements 1932-1960

7. Avro Avro Aircraft Advertisements Volume One 1910 – 1930

8. Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Aero Engine Advertisements Volume One 1917 – 1949

9. Bristol Bristol Aircraft & Engine Advertisements Volume 1 1910-1930

10. Short Short Aircraft Advertisements 1909 – 1989

11. Handley Page Handley Page Aircraft Advertisements 1909 – 1969

12. Westland 50 Years Of Westland Aircraft Advertisements 1915 – 1965

To view the series link…

British Aircraft Industry Adverts 1909-1980 (12 book series) Paperback edition (

Brief and to the point this time so thanks for looking in and that’s it for now…

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