Summer 2023 updates

(In case you’re wondering if I’ve sold the database/website and I’m someone else (see the last blog post) the answer is not so far. I’d like to see the site modernised and expanded, but I’m in no rush and am continuing as normal.)

I have a programme of database updates for the 1930s in the pipeline and at the time of writing have just uploaded the first batch. (16th August)

However my top priority for the next few weeks is to revise the printed compilations and re-publish them with Amazon. It’s a big job as the format is slightly different to my former publisher Lulu and requires a complete overhaul of the manuscript.

I’m sorry to have to do this as I was very happy with Lulu quality, prices and service but to participate in the global distribution programme (Amazon basically!) list prices had to be increased by too much for my liking and at an unfair cost to the average customer. (circa £10 per book more to cover all the costs and make less than a quid a copy in commission.!! With Amazon I can publish at the former prices.

These compilations (books) have always been priced to make them affordable for all pockets rather than for profit. They’re specialist publications with limited mass appeal and the original purpose was to create a ‘hard copy’ of the adverts contained within the database. Each compilation is themed to reflect the advertising output of a particular company. e.g Saunders-Roe, Taylorcraft/Auster/ and Miles. (I mention these now as they are the first of the new batch of ‘retreads’)

As each book has a unique ISBN number and a digital imprint my reckoning is that if the Aviation Ancestry database or the library files are ever lost or destroyed for any reason a unique record for future enthusiasts and researchers will survive.

As I prepare each of the compilations for publication it gives me a perfect opportunity to take another look at the adverts from the ‘theme’ company – I’ve particularly enjoyed creating the revised Saunders/Saunders-Roe compilation and have been reminded what a fleet-footed and innovative company they were. From Flying boats of all types to  helicopters, not forgetting the SR.53 mixed power interceptor. Sadly their gorgeous Princess and Duchess flying boats never saw operational service but even so they are still much admired by enthusiasts.

For the decade following the end of WW2 their adverts were heavily focussed on flying boat variants from fighters to heavy transport aircraft, but this advert below made quite a compelling case for a large Flying Boat to be the natural testbed for nuclear powered aircraft.

In the event the case for the Flying Boat diminished as airfields around the world rapidly extended and strengthened runways to cope with the new generations of jet powered aircraft.

Saunders-Roe Princess Flying Boat advert

1954 Nuclear powered Princess advert! (Ad Ref 33738)

To follow the progress of the revised compilations go to

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