April / May 2018 Updates

April / May 2018 Update

The heart of this project is the Adverts Database – from this comes the books, these posts, the talks and the website.

I’ve always posted Aircraft & Engine adverts as a priority, and to all intents and purposes these are ‘complete’ although more will appear from time to time. The manufacturing and services entries still require a lot of work and to this end I’ve devoted the last 6 weeks to doing just that.

Years 1909-1959 are pretty well up to date now and this just leaves the 1960’s to do.

There are now 71,000 items in the database and I guess there will be around another 2,000 to mop up all the outstanding items.

The significance of the above is that I can then finally firm up on the categories and company listings in the Directory, and improve the performance of the search function.

Thank you for you support and donations, they are truly appreciated.

That’s it for now, expect to leave you with a mystery advert. This 1958 advert from “Mechanism” is described as a power loss indicator (fitted to Comet 4’s apparently) – I have no idea how it works or even indicates that something is wrong. If you know please get in touch.

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