October 2019 Update

Ad Id 80253 – June 1983

I’ve just uploaded the ads for 1983 which as a matter of interest now takes the item count to over 80,000. Having hummed and hahed about which year to catalogue to I’ve finally decided to stop at 1990. Thus years 1909-1983 are effectively complete, although new items will appear from time to time.

I have a fair selection of material for years 1984-1990, but not as much as I’d like yet, so the hunt continues. Of course I’ll update the database on a regular basis as material arrives.

I’m afraid the compilations and website pages have taken a back seat over the last couple of months as the database has taken priority, but I’ve made a good start on the Napier Aero Engines Compilation and would like to see this complete by the beginning of November.

Finally for now, thank you to those of you who have expressed an interest in the website.

That’s it for now…



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