December 2019 Update

At the time of writing it’s less than a week before Christmas and my final challenge for 2019 was to complete the Short Brothers compilation. At 620 pages it’s another large volume, but where possible I try to publish the entire set in one book. Anyway, it’s been submitted to the printers and I hope to receive the preview copy by the New Year.

I’ve also been busy processing a pile of magazines that have been previously missing from the master collection – these didn`t yield a lot of new material but the mission is to try and catalogue all adverts so it’s an ongoing task.

2020 will be more of the same: database updates, website updates and new compilations. To be honest though I haven’t decided which compilation should be next in line… Percival, Castrol, Shell, Smiths or Dowty are all contenders.

Anyway that’s the news, but it’s Christmas so I thought it would be appropriate to send you the seasons greetings from the British Aviation Industry (pre 1990 that is!)

There’s only a small selection here, but for the full set type in keywords SEASONS or CHRISTMAS.

The two above are from Sperry and dated 1961 & 1962 respectively. In my opinion they strike a great balance between Sales & Sentiment…

Bristol & De Havilland were keen on the Christmas specials and mostly with the emphasis on slightly sentimental Home Sweet Home with the Family themes – but not always.

Bristol 1948

De Havilland 1938

And finally a tribute to the others that made the effort..

Westland 1952


Aviation Traders 1954

Smiths 1964


and finally…

Armstrong Siddeley 1948

Have a good one and see you next year!

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