Directory Updates Jan / Feb 2018

For the last few months most of my time has been spent getting the first set of catalogues into print and the website has had to take a back seat. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to be concentrating on getting a large backlog of adverts catalogued and uploaded.

I’m also expanding and updating the classified directory section. As well as adding more categories and companies I’m attempting to improve the associated results listings.

Classifications and categories can get quite complicated at times because company identities frequently change over time as a result of mergers for example. Furthermore product lines may expand and diversify.

Here’s an example from the flight simulation category I’m currently working on …

A Redifon company listing for 1952  will display Airfield Communication Equipment

and…. Flight Simulation

As you can see the company will require listings two categories.. and most likely with others to come. However for now – a database search with the single keyword Redifon will get most people what they need to find.

Smiths (of aviation instruments fame) is another example where multiple categories will come into play as product lines evolved and different company divisions were formed.

60 Years Of Smiths…

1910  S.Smith & Son


1969 Smiths Industries Ltd

Sadly my Search routine is a bit of a blunt instrument, but pending category update work a search on ‘Smiths’ (preferably with a meaningful date range) should yield the results you’re after.

Back to the updates so that’s it for now…


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